Texture in Korea

I went to a great traditional Korean restaurant in Seoul a couple weeks ago. It was ultra yummy in addition to being very textural in its visuals.

From the entrance one sees the ground plane, the kimchee jars all over the front and the hidden wonderful restaurant beyond. The sign entering the space would be the only thing that I think cries out for new design since it’s just too commercial compared to the rest.

They make all of their food in house, including the pickled kimchee. The paving was made of mill stones and was a great contrast with the rather generic sidewalk on the street. One of the things I appreciate about the landscapes in Asia is the attention to the paving materials inside and out.

The lighting was great inside. The jars being all the same color brown is a good compliment. The limiting of colors in Korea and Japan allow you to appreciate the form of the jar and not concentrate on the graphics on it. The meal was amazingly presented and delicious.


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