Dominique Perrault’s EWHA Women’s University

EWHA Women’s University in Seoul invited me to speak to their design students last month. This treat was made doubly sweet because their new student center building by Domenique Perrault was recently completed.

It’s essentially two subterranean buildings split by the stairs and ramp (the landscape above ground was left as-is). One side appeared to be  for classrooms, and the other with food services, theatre, etc.  One side has air ducts that form a canyon-like space with a fountain. This lets light into the lowest levels.

Like elsewhere in Korea, the biggest thing I enjoyed is the play with the paving materials. The ramp uses a soft edge rock, which transitions into tightly cut stone for the stairs. The upper level has softer shaped stones and seating rocks that appear like petrified wood. The variety of paving materials adds texture to the campus.

It’s a joy to see such beautifully designed modern buildings.

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