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FLW’s vision for the Arizona Capitol

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright had a vision for the Arizona State capitol building, topped by a wonderful spire. It was never realized as a building, but, in the past few years, the city of Scottsdale built this wonderful spire in Wright’s honor, along with an associated shaded plaza.

The plaza contains some of Heloise Crista’s sculptures that are also in Taliesin West. Given Wright’s part-time life in Arizona, some of the surrounding buildings have been inspired by his architecture. (They’re not as good as FLW, but close.)

The sun plays with the tower as does inner lighting . I have seen it internally lit and will try to find some of those shots in the future–it’s wonderful. The corner posts that hold the overhead cover are also inspired by the wonderful wheat patterns that Wright created in the Midwest. Even the bus stop is FLW-inspired.

The plaza is a great tribute to one of Scottsdale’s finest and the greatest American architect.