National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

I must have missed this each time i have been to D.C. It reminded me of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center, in fact it features some of the same artists, making me wonder if someone transferred to D.C. and had an easy job to make this one.

It is a wonderful place for modern sculpture, anchored by Hector Guimard’s Metro station entrance and the restaurant building. The main focus is a huge fountain that shoots water, creating sound that allows one to escape the D.C. mall noise and tourists.

It is a place for respite.

The spider alien figures are similar to what I saw in Korea at The Leeum. I also recall seeing some of these pieces in Chicago’s Millennium Park a couple years ago.

The proverbial Claus Oldenberg upsize element is its main piece.

The landscape is a wonderful foil to the space, allowing each sculpture to have its own “organic shaped” room. This is a contrast to the carefully designed spaces of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Visit this place the next time that you are there–it is a national treasure.

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