Tadao Ando’s zen-like Maritime Museum

Tadao Ando is well known for his poetic minimalist spaces. This project on Sadayat Island, Abu Dhabi is a beautifully rendered form that reminds me of the dow boats in Dubai. Speaking of boats, the boat passing through the center of the model is amazingly poetic.

This is an amazingly unique and creative building. The museum’s spaces look like they could be wonderful. I love how Ando reinvents himself with his simple vocabulary, in this case, using the inspiration of boat sails to express the curve of the building. A couple models are made of wood and they are, themselves pieces of art.

For a Westerner in Abu Dhabi, there is barely anything to do but shopping, so I would love to be exposed more Emirate cultural depth. The Emiratis’ pearl harvesting, trade, dow boats and more continue to inspire me.

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