Looking toward Hong Kong

We arrived late at night in Shenzhen’s Yantian area, which is along the beach facing Kowloon (Hong Kong’s “new territories”). This is where our client has its headquarters (Vanke Center).

Looking out from our hotel in this resort area were several huge colorful dancing figures placed on the beach with Hong Kong in the background. These were very well designed, giving a festive character to the beach. They were quite wonderful in terms of color and graceful positions.

This area of town had other sculptures interspersed in the entertainment district, but none were as good as these. The city is making an effort to create a true resort feeling in this otherwise benign urban area.

The tower is a major visual focus, and the new year ribbons at the base were great. Mac and I stopped to make write some wishes on them for our friends, family, and business. However, as we traveled upward, the messy condition were visible. The elevator floor was falling apart and rust was everywhere. At the terminus was the typical vendor drawing people’s pictures. Of course, he wanted to do mine since I was so “special.” There were some funny signs, and also a tacky shop selling all kinds of merchandise and blocking the vista. Overlooking that, it was a great experience.



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