Dubai’s monstrous penguins

No, Dubai doesn’t really have giant penguins–although with all the other exotic attractions there, you couldn’t be faulted for thinking so.

Driving from the Dubai Mall the other day, I happened to see  two penguin-shaped buildings. I thought I ad seen it all but two penguins in the middle of the desert–now that’s a new one. There they are, in the Dubai skyline, marching right along Sheik Zayed Road.

If one penguin is good, why, two are better.

You may also notice the Big Ben-like tower right by the penguins. (I’ve added a shot of it below.) This goes to show the respect that Dubai holds for the British: the Brits discovered the Emiratis’ oil reserves, so they let them create crazy buildings. It’s fortunate that the craziest have remained on drawing paper never to see the light of day given the economic meltdown here.

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